News Update

April 19, 2023

Welcome to Our New Web App

Tomer Moran

Starting today, Stenoa users can access our new web app, an elegant cloud-based environment for real-time analytics, interhospital care coordination, and workspace management.

Our web app fully integrates with the Stenoa mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play, enabling healthcare management and administrators to identify bottlenecks in care delivery in real-time, and empowering care providers with actionable patient-level insight to optimize their operational efficiency and improve patient care. Active workspaces can login now at

Our new web app will soon be home to Stenoa's data platform, which will enable powerful point-of-care data aggregation and third-party integrations. Through Stenoa, hospitals will be able to share their workspace data in real-time with government agencies for reporting and compliance, and integrate with native software for optimal efficiency.

Create your hospital's workspace today at