Empowering care providers with insight to optimize their operational efficiency

Our Values


We’re a very small team with an unrelenting focus on understanding this niche while consistently continuing to iterate on the best fully integrated platform possible.


The unmet need we’re tackling hits close to home for so many of us. The technology gap is so obvious, it is staring right at us. It doesn’t make much sense that Uber Eats is better able to coordinate your delivery order than healthcare providers are able to orchestrate the care of a patient fighting for their life.

It’s safe to estimate everyone knows at least someone with risk factors for a heart attack, so this could be you or a loved one someday.


The real-time information and data that we’re processing isn’t only sensitive, but time-sensitive. Working against the clock to save a life is stressful enough for healthcare professionals, so we’re optimizing efficiencies and empowering care teams with all the time possible to minimize morbidity and mortality.

We hold privacy to the highest standards, and invite both patients and care providers to learn more about all we do to protect your data by reading our privacy and terms.

Our Team

Jeremy Levett, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Marco Spaziano, MD, MSc
Chief Medical Officer
Tomer Moran
Chief Technology Officer

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