Intelligent and intuitive care coordination, when it matters most

Millions of people die every year from heart attacks, yet pagers and paper are still the standard of care for life-saving communication and data collection. Stenoa is building a targeted and fully integrated platform for mission critical care coordination, communication, and real-time analytics.

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Every second counts

Healthcare professionals have 90 minutes from the moment a patient enters the hospital, to the time they need to be on an operating table.

Every minute saved can reduce the risk of complications, as far as death, leading to exponential downstream system-level benefits.

Governments usually require hospitals to report these time components as a key quality indicator of overall system performance.

Mission critical care coordination

With critical alert push notifications, live call routing, and mobile incident management, we enable the real-time operational accountability that our most vulnerable patients deserve.

Fully integrated communication

Our software is vertically integrated from door-to-balloon. And we’re continuing to grow concentrically, optimizing time components even beyond those recognized by guidelines.
Platform for every environment
From hub & spoke emergency rooms, to cath labs & intensive care units, we offer a complete stack for all your care coordination needs.
Customizable workspaces
Fully customize and control your workspace to mirror the way your hospital actually works.
Get started in minutes
Create an account online in minutes. Onboarding users is as simple as sending them an invite.

Data analytics

Data is at our core. Most hospitals are currently keeping track of time component data on paper and spreadsheets, only compiling and visualizing their data annually. Quality improvement efforts are dismal, if at all existent.
Intuitive data processing
We’ve intuitively built data collection into the care coordination process, such that it seamlessly integrates with the care continuum, and accurately and intelligently collects meaningful event-driven data.
Real-time visualization
Our workspace dashboard allows hospitals to funnel their data from door-to-balloon, identify bottlenecks in real-time, and generate actionable patient-level insights for agile quality improvement.
Data can be filtered, subgrouped, and securely exported by administrators for further analysis, reporting, and compliance with government and regulatory authorities.

Security & Privacy

Data encryption
All data is completely encrypted, both at-rest and in-transit. Our data encryption keeps you safe and secure.
99.5% uptime SLA
Caring for someone having a heart attack is stressful enough. We want to share some of the responsiblity by offering our paying customers a 99.5% uptime service level agreement.
Permissions and audit logs
We’ve built our platform to allow for customizable end user classes and permissions. We also keep a locked permanent log of all end user actions for auditing and regulatory compliance.
HIPAA & SOC2 compliance
We’re preparing for HIPAA and SOC2 audits, the highest standards for data security and compliance risk management.
Isolated infrastructure
Our cloud-based infrastructure for processing and storing your data is siloed between hospitals, from end-to-end.
Built to scale
Our backend is built to withstand thousands of simultaneous API calls with minimal latency, allowing us to reliably serve as many hospitals as possible across North America.

Stenoa is making cardiovascular care more intelligent and intuitive.

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